About - Matt George Photos

Hi, and welcome. My name is Matthew George. I have had a life long love of photography since I was twelve years old. My father built me a black and white darkroom in the basement of our house when I was in high school. From that I was able to experiment and hone my photography skills. I use traditional film and digital Nikons.

Two unique pieces of camera equipment I have  used to photograph is an Apple iPhone and Polaroid SX-70 camera. Most of my photography consists of photojournalism and nature genres.

Schooling and Work I have an Associates degree of Applied Science in Photography from Antonelli Institute of Art & Photography, as well as a BA and MA in Business from American InterContinental University. I hold a single subject Visual Arts teaching credential from National University to teach in high school as well as a multiple subject teaching credential to teach elementary school. Here are some of the content standards for teaching Visual Arts in California.

I currently am employed by JUSD as a photography and art teacher at Rubidoux High School. Family I am married to the most beautiful woman, have a wonderful son and precious daughter, and blessed to enjoy lots of quality time with my family.

A young lady, Gillian, asked me if I could tell her a little about my photography for an assignment she doing for school. She said that she needed to interview a photographer. Here is my response to some questions she had. Hopefully, this will give you more perspective into my photography.

How did you get interested in photography? I started using my father’s disk camera as a young child of 12. I was born in Ohio of 1975. Here is what one of these cameras look like: Disk camera And here is what the negatives look like: Disk Camera Negatives It was exhilarating to hear the camera make it’s little noises when I pressed the camera. Maybe that’s what attracted me to it. Maybe it was the fact that my father let me use such a special piece of equipment of his own. More than anything it was probably the idea that me and father somehow became closer from the exchange of interaction with the photography. It was almost like a special bond that was formed from