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d'azur d d.c. d934d3e177 dad dag van de arbeid daguerreotype dahlen dahlgren dahlgren mcmanus daily dailyheraldarchive dairy daisies daisy harriman dal dalen dalkey dalles dallmellington daly city dam damage damaged dams dan danforth dan griner dan howley danbury dance dancing dancing in history danforth daniels danish architecture danmark danny moeller danny murphy dans danskøya dargle dark dartmouth darwin dashner daubert daughter daughters dauss david beals becker david jones and company david jones co. david octavius hill davis davos davos frauenkirch dc dcm de de dion bouton de dionbouton bus deacon mcguire dead leaves deadball deadball era deal deathly hallows decay december 10th deciduous deco decorations decorativas decorative metal arts decorative woodwork dedication june 8 deek derrick deerfoot deeside defence defense deforestation defunctstadiums dei del gainer del gainor del pratt delahanty delano delegates delegation delft delftsche poort delftse vaart delicious delivery delivery trucks delos drake delville wood delville wood cemetery dem chairman norman mack demaree democrat democratic party democrats demonstratie demonstration den haag den uyl denbigh denbighshire dendera denderah denim denmark department store departure deportes depositer depressi depression derailed derailment derbyshire dernancourt communal cemetery extension derrick derrick claud derry design desk dessert detail detrick detrick brothers detroit detroit baseball detroit photographic company detroit publishing detroit publishing co detroit publishing co. detroit publishing company detroit tigers detroittigers deutsch deutschland development devenish devil's bridge devlin devon devore dewey di diamond dice dick egan dick gossett dick hennessy dick hoblitzell dick rudolph dickinson different time digger diggers dimple dinant dinas bran dinas bran castle dinbych dinbychypysgod diner dinneen diprotodontia dirt dirt road disability history disappearing gun disaster disembodied arm disgust dishes display distinguished conduct medal district of columbia divide djoser djurgården djurgårdsbron doc cook doc crandall doc white dock docked doctor dode paskert dodge dodgers dog dog hospital dog walking dogs dolan dolbadarn dolbadarn castle dolgellau doll dollar dolls doman dome domestic don griner don't 'ya just want a nice donald d. griner donald dexter griner donald griner donation donegal donegal castle donegal town donie bush donkey donkeys donlin donnie bush dooin doolan door doors doorway dorchester dorchester county dorothea lange dorset dots dots miller double bass double exposure doubledecker doubledecker omnibus doublglo doughboy douglas doune castle downbeat downpour downtown downtown manhattan doyle dr. dr. alice s. kandell draft draft horses dragon drake drama dramatic drawing dreadnought dress dressage dressen dresses dried corn dripping well drive driver driveway driving driving horse drucke drum drum and fife corp drummer drums dry dsc0634 dsc3228 dsc3231 dsc3233 dsc3235 dsc3238 dsc3245 dsc3256 dsc3257 dsc3258 dsc3261 dsc3262 dsc3263 dsc3264 dsc3265 dsc3266 dsc3267 dsc3268 dsc3269 dsc3270 dsc3270a dsc3270b dsc3271 dsc3272 dsc3273 dsc3274 dsc3275 dsc3276 dsc3277 dsc3278 dsc3279 dsc3280 dsc3281 dsc3282 dsc3283 dsc3284 dsc3285 dsc3287 dsc3288 dsc3289 dsc3290 dsc3292 dsc3293 dsc3294 dsc3295 dsc3296 dsc3297 dsc3298 dsc3300 dsc3301 dsc3302 dsc3303 dsc3305 dsc3306 dsc3307 dsc3308 dsc3309 dsc3310 dsc3311 dsc3312 dsc3313 dsc3314 dsc3315 dsc3316 dsc3317 dsc3318 dsc3319 dsc3320 dsc3321 dsc3322 dsc3323 dsc3324 dsc3325 dsc3326 dsc3327 dsc3328 dsc3329 dsc3330 dsc3331 dsc3332 dsc3339 dsc3342 dsc3343 dsc3344 dsc3345 dsc3346 dsc3347 dsc3348 dsc3349 dsc3350 dsc3356 dsc3357 dsc3358 dsc3359 dsc3360 dsc3361 dsc3362 dsc3364 dsc3366 dsc3367 dsc3368 dsc3370 dsc3371 dsc3372 dsc3373 dsc3374 dsc3375 dsc3376 dsc3377 dsc3378 dsc3379 dsc3380 dsc3381 dsc3382 dsc3383 dsc3384 dsc3385 dsc3386 dsc3387 dsc3388 dsc3389 dsc3390 dsc3391 dsc3392 dsc3393 dsc3394 dsc3395 dsc3397 dsc3399 dsc5479 dsc7686 dsc8019 dsc8066 dsc8109 dsc8112 dsc8113 dsc8114 dsc8115 dsc8116 dsc8117 dsc8118 dsc8119 dsc8121 dsc8122 dsc8123 dsc8124 dsc8125 dsc8126 dsc8127 dsc8128 dsc8129 dsc8130 dsc8131 dsc8132 dsc8133 dsc8134 dsc8135 dsc8136 dsc8138 dsc8140 dsc8141 dsc8142 dsc8143 dsc8144 dsc8145 dsc8147 dsc8148 dsc8149 dsc8151 dsc8152 dsc8153 dsc8154 dsc8155 dsc8156 dsc8157 dsc8158 dsc8159 dsc8160 dsc8161 dsc8162 dsc8163 dsc8164 dsc8166 dsc8167 dsc8168 dsc8169 dsc8170 dsc8171 dsc8172 dsc8173 dsc8175 dsc8176 dsc8177 dsc8178 dsc8179 dsc8180 dsc8181 dsc8182 dsc8183 dsc8184 dsc8185 dsc8186 dsc8188 dsc8190 dsc8191 dsc8192 dsc8193 dsc8194 dsc8195 dsc8196 dsc8198 dsc8199 dsc8200 dsc8201 dsc8202 dsc8203 dsc8204 dsc8205 dsc8206 dsc8207 dsc8208 dsc8209 dsc8210 dsc8211 dsc8212 dsc8213 dsc8214 dsc8215 dsc8216 dsc8217 dsc8218 dsc8219 dsc8220 dsc8221 dsc8222 dsc8222a dsc8223 dsc8224 dsc8225 dsc8226 dsc8227 dsc8228 dsc8229 dsc8230 dsc8231 dsc8232 dsc8233 dsc8234 dsc8235 dsc8236 dsc8237 dsc8238 dsc8239 dsc8240 dsc8241 dsc8242 dsc8243 dsc8244 dsc8245 dsc8246 dsc8247 dsc8248 dsc8249 dsc8250 dsc8251 dsc8254 dsc8255 dsc8256 dsc8257 dsc8330 dsc8331 dsc8332 dsc8333 dsc8334 dsc8335 dsc8336 dsc8337 dsc8339 dsc8340 dsc8341 dsc8342 dsc8343 dsc8344 dsc8345 dsc8346 dsc8347 dsc8347a dsc8349 dsc8350 dsc8351 dsc8352 dsc8353 dsc8354 dsc8355 dsc8358 dsc8359 dsc8360 dsc8361 dsc8362 dsc8363 dsc8364 dsc8365 dsc8366 dsc8367 dsc8368 dsc8369 dsc8370 dsc8371 dsc8372 dsc8373 dsc8374 dsc8375 dsc8376 dsc8377 dsc8378 dsc8379 dsc8380 dsc8381 dsc8382 dsc8383 dsc8384 dsc8385 dsc8386 dsc8387 dsc8388 dsc8389 dsc8390 dsc8391 dsc8392 dsc8393 dsc8394 dsc8395 dsc8396 dsc8397 dsc8398 dsc8399 dsc8400 dsc8401 dsc8402 dsc8403 dsc8404 dsc8405 dsc8406 dsc8407 dsc8408 dsc8409 dsc8410 dsc8411 dsc8412 dsc8415 dsc8416 dsc8417 dsc8418 dublin duffy lewis dugout dungarees dunmore dunoon dutch dyffryn berwyn dyrehaven eagle earl moore early 20th century early baseball earth east end east lancashire regiment easter parade eating ebbets ebbets field ed phelps ed plank ed reulbach eddie ainsmith eddie cicotte eddie collins eddie foster eddie grant eddie murphy eddie plank edie beale edinburgh edith bouvier beale education edward plank edward s. plank edward stewart plank egan eglwys eglwys bodelwyddan egypt egyptian egyptology eide eidselva el el salvador elderly electricity elizabeth emoções empty bleachers engagement england eppa rixey equipment equus era eremitagen ernie krueger eroded eroded farm erosion erskine mayer eryri escocia eugene f. hargrave eugene franklin 'bubbles' hargrave eugene franklin hargrave eugene hargrave europa europe euskadi euskal herria evans events evers executives exposição expressões exterior eyeglasses ezra midkiff face factories factory falls family famous fan fans farm farm security administration farmer farming farmland farms farrell fashion fatima federal federal league female female giants fence fences fenway park ferdie schupp fermanagh field fielder jones fields fifth ave fifth avenue fighter film finnmark fire firma first base first baseman first pitch first world war firth of clyde fishing fist fitness five fjord fjords fjærland flag flags flatbush fletcher fleuve flight flight suit float floats flood flooding florence fleming noyes florence jaffray harriman flour flower flowers fløien folgefonna foliage fontana football forest forrest leroy cady fort william fort worth forth forties fortification foster fountain four fournier fourth of july fox foz frame france frances benjamin johnston francis francis bedford francis bedford co francis frith frank frank 'home run' baker frank baker frank chance frank farrell frank hurley frank truesdale fred fred clarke fred luderus fred merkle fred snodgrass fredericksborg castle free way french riviera fresh friends frith fritz maisel fromme fruit fsa fsaowi ft. story fur galway gambling game games gand gandil garden gardens gardner garry herrmann gate gates gehmakermuray gehmediumcolor print geiranger geiranger fjord genevieve ebbets genoa genova gent geography geology geomorphology george 'lefty' tyler george a. davis george a. tyler george albert 'lefty' tyler george albert tyler george baumgardner george burns george chalmers george cutshaw george davis george grantham bain george grantham bain collection george hack simmons george harold sisler george j. burns george mcconnell george simmons george sisler george stallings george stovall george tyler george wiltse george_eastman_house georgia georgia clay geotagged german germany germany schaefer ghent giant's causeway giants gibson gingerbread girl girls glacial glacier glasgow glass glass negative glass negatives glass plate negative glasses gleason glenariff glengariff glens of antrim global warming gloucestershire gloucestershire regiment glove gloves goggles gold gordon highlanders gossett gothamist gothic government governor john k. tener governor john tener governor tener gowdy gown grandcourt grandma grandstand granite grant granvin gras grass gray great britain great mustaches of the loc great war green greene greene county greenwich grey grey gardens griffith griffith stadium grill grocer groceries grocery grocery stores ground grounds group grover cleveland alexander grover hartley guillemont guitar gulf gun guns guy harris 'doc' white gwendraeth river gwynant gwynedd haarlem hack hack simmons hagia hair hal hal chase hall of fame hall of famer hammerfest hampshire hand colored handcolored hands handshake handsome hank gowdy hank severeid hans lobert happy harbor harbour hardanger hardanger fjord hardangerfjorden hargrave harness harriman harry harry chapman harry davis harry f. schlafly harry fenton 'larry' schlafly harry fenton schlafly harry hooper harry schlafly harry the hipster harry williams harry wolter harry wolverton hartley harvest hastings hat hats hay headshot health hedwig reicher heinie wagner henri rondeau henry henry gowdy henry m. gowdy henry morgan gowdy herb pennock herbert coppell house heroic herrmann hershey hi myers hick cady high school girls high street highlander park highlanders hill hills hilltop hilltop park hippo vaughn historic historical historical photo historical photographs history history of baseball hitter hitting holding hands holiday holidays holland home home plate home run baker homepage honor honourable artillery company honus wagner hood hooge hooks dauss hooks wiltse hooper hoosiers hopewell va hordaland hornvika horse horse and cart horse drawn carriage horse racing horse team horses horácio horácio novais hotel houck house house of worship houses howie camnitz hrad hub perdue huggins hughie jennings human humphries hunter whiskey hunter whiskey distilling company husband højbro plads hønefoss ice ice cream idris iggh illinois imperial war museums inaugural ball inauguration independence day indian indianapolis hoosiers industrial industry infantry infielder inlet inspiracion interior international league iphone timelapse ira thomas ireland irish isambard kingdom brunel island islands istanbul italia italian italy iwd iwm j.c. heard j.e. daubert jack jack bentley jack coombs jack delano jack fournier jack warhop jacket jackson jacob daubert jacob e. daubert jacob ellsworth daubert jake daubert jake stahl james james c. smith james cox james deacon mcguire james jowers james l. vaughn james leslie 'hippo' vaughn james leslie vaughn james smith james vaughn jars jaunting car jazz jeans jeff tesreau jennings jersey jewellery jewelry jim thorpe jimmy archer jimmy c. walsh jimmy lavender jimmy walsh joe joe a. connolly joe bush joe connolly joe tinker joe wood joey connolly john john bates john bentley john e. 'eddie' murphy john e. murphy john evers john henry john j. evers john joseph evers john k. tener john knight john mcgraw john murphy john n. bentley john needles bentley john p. henry john p. mitchel john purroy mitchel john tener john titus john vachon john w. bates john w. knight john william bates johnny johnny baptism johnny bates johnny evers johnson jonathan jones jorge joseph a. connolly joseph aloysius connolly joseph connolly josh devore jostedalsbreen jowers jr. july july 22 july 31 july 4 jumping june june 28 kalei kasteel kelly kent kerry kettle kid kid gleason kids kidwelly kidwelly castle killarney killefer king kitchen kjenndalsbreen kjenndalskruna klampenborg hermitage klem knight knitting kocher kodachrome krueger københavn la spezia labor labour day labourd ladies hats lady lago di como lake lake como lake district lake district national park lamp post lamps land landform landscape landscapes lapp lapurdi large format larry larry doyle larry gardner larry mclean larry schlafly laundry lavender league leakey leaning lee magee lefty lefty tyler leiden leisure lens les nunamaker lettering lew mccarty lf liberty libraries library library of congress library of virginia library porn life lifetime ban lighthouse lights lincoln line lines lipstick lisboa littlehampton liège llanberis llandidno llandudno llanelwy llangollen llyn llyn peris llyn tegid loading lobert loch loch katrine loch lomond locket locomotion loen london london regiment longueval loos lough erne louise louise rosskam lower manhattan luderus lute boone lyngen låtefoss léglise des augustins löpning ma machine mack main street maisel major league baseball male maloney man manager managers manchester regiment manhattan mansion manufacturing mar ligure marble march march 3 marina mark avino marken market market town marquee marseille marseilles martin marty berghammer marty mchale mascot mask massachusetts mast mathewson matt wells matty mauchline maudslay state park may mayer mayo mayor john p. mitchel mayor john purroy mitchel mayor mitchel mccall's magazine mccarty mcconnell mccord museum mcgraw mchale mckeever mckim mclean mcmanus meacham field mead and white mead white medal of honor medicine memorial men menai menin gate mentioned in despatches merkle merok meuse mexico meyers mi sueño michigan microphone midkiff midnight sun midtown milan military military cross milk milk across the commons miller miller huggins millers milt stock minaret mining minneapolis minneapolis millers minnewater minor missouri mitchel mitt mlb moat molde molen monaco monkey monmouthshire monochrome monte carlo monte carlo casino monument monumento moore moran mordecai 'three finger' brown mordecai 'three fingers' brown mordecai brown morrie rath moseley house moseley park mosque moss most valuable player mother motion mound mountain mountain farm mountain farms mountain lake mountains moustache mullen mumbles mundal murphy muscle museum music mustache musée mccord mvp myers mysterious mário mário novais møre og romsdal møre romsdal namen namur nancy davis reagan nancy reagan nant ffrancon nant gwynant nap rucker naples napoli naps nash nationaal archief national national air and space museum national galleries of scotland national league national maritime museum national media museum national park national pastime national register of historic places nationalism nationalleague nationalmediamuseum native natural nature naval cannon naval gun naval gunnery nebraska nederland negative nelson neon neon sign netherlands new hampshire new york new york baseball new york baseball giants new york city new york female giants new york giants new york highlanders new york nl new york public library new york yankees newport newspaper newyork newyorkgiants nice nick altrock nick cullop nickname nickolas nickolas muray nidelv nidelva nidelven nieuwe kerk night nijmegen nixey callahan nl noah noahbirthday12 nordfjord nordkapp nordland nordnes noreg norfolk norge normal norsjøbandakkanalen north sea north staffordshire regiment north wales northern ireland norway norwegian not hardanger nottingham novais noyes nunamaker nursing ny ny giants ny yankees nyc nypl nærøydalen nærøyfjord obelisk ocean ocean liner october odda of office of war information officer ohio old photograph old port old time baseball player olden older olympiaden olympics omnibus on deck onslow onyx opening day opo orange organizations orient line orr oscar pettiford oscar stanage oslo osmanlı otis clymer ottoman ottoman style outdoor furniture outdoors outfield outfielder outlaw league outside oval owen wilson owi oxford p pa pacifist packaging paco paddle steamer pail painting palace palestine palzer palácio palácio foz panorama panoramic pants parade paris park park slope parknasilla party pasadena paskert passchendaele pastime pasttime pasture pat pat maloney pat ragan path patriotic paul strand peace peace parade peaceful peak pedestrians peek pembrokeshire penmaenmawr pennant pennants pennock pennsylvania pennsylvania pa people perdue period 1 period 3 persistence hunting person pescadores pete compton peter henry emerson phelps philadelphia philadelphia a's philadelphia athletics philadelphia phillies philadephia athletics philae phillies photobooth photochrom photochrom print photograph photographer photographer's_shadow photographic prints photography photojournalism photomechanical photomechanical print pianos piazza piazza del popolo picnic pictorial history committee pie pier pigtails pillars pinaceae pinstripe pirates pitch pitcher pitchers pitching pittsburg pittsburgh pittsburgh pirates plaid plane planes plank plate play player players playing plaza pleiadesdepicts423025 plymouth county po point pole police police officer police officers policemen political politics pollution polo polo field polo grounds polo grounds iv polo grounds ny pologrounds pompeii ponies pontarfynach pony pool port portland portrait portraits pose posed posillipo postcard pour poverty power power lines powerhouse powerhouse museum practice prague president president abe lincoln president abraham lincoln president lincoln president ronald w. reagan president taft pride pride hill principality of monaco print private produce professional profile promenade propeller protest provencealpescôte d'azur psychology public domain public transport pugilism pugilist purse pyramid quai des belges quinceañera quintero race racer racing ragan railing railroad railway rainy ralph works randwick range rariden reading reagan reagan inaugural ball recreios red red clay red dooin red murray red smith red sox reds redsox reflecting pool reflection reicher religion religious republican republican national republican party researcher resort respect retro reulbach rhode island rhyl ribbon richard 'dick' rudolph richard rudolph richmond richmond va riding rifle rifles rights ringerike river river avon river dee river exe river wye rivers rixey road roads roadside robert adamson robert adamson and david octavius hill roberts robins rocca rock rockform rocks rocky roger e. salmon rolling hills roma rome romsdalsfjorden ronald reagan roof rookie rooster roses rosskam rotterdam round tower rovine royal royal field artillery royal garrison artillery royal military academy royal navy royal palace rubidoux rucker rudolph ruin ruina ruine ruins running rural rushing russia sac sail sailboat sailboats sailing ship sailor sailors sails saint asaph cathedral saintferréol les augustins salvador salão sam hood sample sand sax scandal scandinavia scarf scene scenery scenic schaefer schlafly school schupp schwarzweiß science scientist scientists scotland scott scottish scottish landscape scottland scowl sculpture sea seafront seascape seashore seaside seaside village seated seats seattle bill second second australian imperial force second baseman second empire security senators senior sepia sepia toned september 2 sequence serious shadows shakleton expedition shale beach shaw shawkey sheep shenandoah national park sherman shibe park shin pads ship ships shipyard shirt shoes shop shopkeeper shopping shops shore shoreline shorn shortstop shrewsbury shropshire shrubs sidewalk sign signs simmons sing sir benfro sir fôn sir gaerfyrddin sir gaernarfon sisler sitting sixth division sixties skipper roberts skirt sky skyline skyline drive slate slide slide film sligo slott smile smiles smiling smith smithsonian institution smithsonian institution archives smoke smokey joe wood smoky joe smoky joe wood snodgrass snow snowdon snowdonia society for american baseball research socks sofia sogn sogn fjordane sogn og fjordane sognefjord sokol soldat soldier soldiers soldiers mail somerset somme son sophia south south carolina southpaw souza spaarne specimen spectacles spectators speech sphinx spire spitzbergen sport sporting sports sportsman spots spring spring training square st asaph st louis cardinals st. louis st. louis browns st. louis cardinals st. louis terriers stadium stagecoach stahl stairs stalheim stalheimskleiva stallings stamps across the commons stanage standing stands star star pyramid starting state state library of new south wales state library of queensland statue statues stave church stavkirke stealing steam steamer steamship steeple steps stereo stirling stirling necropolis stock stockholm stockholmsolympiaden stone stone bridge stone wall stonehaven stoop store store window storefront stores stovall stove strand stream street street scene streetcar streetscape streetscapes strike striped cap striped socks stripes structure strunk students stwc subway suffrage suffrage pageant suffragettes suir suit suits sultanahmet summer summit sunnmøre sunny day sunrise sunset superbas suspension bridge sussex svalbard sweater sweden swing swinging sword sydney sørfjorden sørtrøndelag t table taiwan tank engine tart tasty tavern taylor teacher team team photo team picture telemark telephone temple tenby tener tennessee valley authority tent terriers tesreau texas thames the civil war the expression of emotions in man and animals the great alexander the great war the king's liverpool regiment the netherlands the north the union the war graves photographic project theater theatre then and now then now thermos thiepval thiepval memorial third third baseman thirties thomas thomas telford thorpe three three finger three finger brown three fingers brown throw throwing tie tigers tilly tilly walker timehour6am timelapse tinker tiptops tobacco tomb tony's top hat topographical topography torbay torino torquay toss tower town town square toys track tracks traditional dress traffic train training transit transparencies transparency transportation travel tree trees trefriw trinity college triple a triplea triplea baseball trippers trocadero trolley trolley dodgers troms trondheim trondhjem troop ship trossachs truck truesdale trunks trøndelag tudor turfmarkt turin turkey turkiye turret tuxedo tva twgpp two tyler typography u.s. civil war u.s.a. ugi uk umbrella umpire umpires unbearded uncertain location unidentified uniform uniforms union union station unionstation united kingdom united mine workers of america united states army united states navy united states of america university university of michigan urban us us army us navy usa usda usn utrecht va vachon valley var varden vaughn vegetable vegetables vendor vesuvio vesuvius victoria victorian vieuxport village vintage vintage baseball vintage photo virginia vismarkt vista volcano vomero voss voss kommune vågen w wabash avenue wagner wagon wagons waiting wales walking wall wallace wallonie wallpaper walsh war war between the states war office war photography ward warhop warm up warmup warmups warship warwick washington washington d.c. washington dc washington park washington senators washingtondc water water cooler waterfall waterfalls waterford waterfront waterlogue watervliet waterway waves we the people weaver weddell sea wedding weddings weir welsh welsh regiment west midlands west point western front westfriesland wet whaling wheel wheeler white white sox white suit whitedress wicklow wife wilbur wright wiley taylor william bedford william cree william f. cree william franklin 'birdie' cree william franklin cree william howard taft william j. klem william james william jennings bryan william joseph klem william klem william l. james william lawrence james williams wilson wiltse wind windmill window windup winter wolgast wolter wolverton woman women women in science women's history women's history month women's league womensday wood wooden wooden boat woods wool woolwich work worker workers working world world series world series of baseball world war world war 1 world war 2 world war i world war ii world war one worldwar1 worn worth square wreath wreck wright brothers ww1 ww2 wwi wwii xmas yale yankee yankees yellow york young ypres zamek zuiderzee église église des augustins бруге брюгге дети сша ब्रुग ბრიუგე ブリュージュ 布魯日
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